See the decision maker behind the decision

Sometimes when you walk through your city, you might wonder. Why did they put the bench here, instead of closer to that lovely tree? Why is this lamp still broken? Who decides if there will be a swing on the playground? And can I influence that decision? Often it’s hard to find the answer to those questions.

Conscious Cities will make the governance of the public space visible. Find out who is making decisions on public issues and who is responsible for the upkeep of the items in the public space. Cast your vote and help make big and small decisions in your neighborhood.

Vote on local issues

See the person behind the descion

Help improve your neigborhood, by being an active participant

Build a history of community building that you can be proud of


The aim of Conscious Cities is to create accountability by using blockchain. In our digital solution you see the decision maker behind every object in the public space. 

Creating a better society together

We believe that people are neither good not bad, but systems that allow for bad actors will be abused. By using new technologies, like blockchain, we can create societies where bad and good actors are pushed to the foreground. While the blockchain cannot stop people from making bad decisions, we can at least record them, show them, so that they can be improved in the future.