Conscious Cities

Security and Data Privacy

. If you would like your personal information to be deleted, you can do so by emailing us or in the applicationLinking of identities to proposals can be deleted. No demographic personal information (nationality, date of birth etc) is ever stored in the immutable blockchain.

Data privacy

Sovereign security

We do not store your password on our application and therefore it cannot be hacked. When you log in to the Civic Participation Tool, we use cryptographic digital signatures to ensure that your account will always be your account. Nobody, not even us, is able to log in as you!

Your vote once cast is there for everyone to see, similar to the actions and decisions the goverment takes with your proposals. Budget, process as well as approval and rejection are visible and stored forever, creating a transparant governance.

Transparent governance

Decision provenance
Your choice is relevant

The civic participation shows you what happened behind-the-scenes in the government, who reviewed the proposal and approved or rejected. This decision provenance is done by humans and we show you who does what.

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